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Office Stationary Items

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wooden educational puzzle game...

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art and craft

there are many craft items used for making school projects and also comes for decoration...

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treasury tags

TREASURY comes in various sizes and is very usefull to bind papers and importand documents together..

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steel scale comes in many sizes and is not for commercial use

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student clay

student is for the children ages above is very goodin quality and comes in various vibrant colours..

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Rubber Band

it is made of natural latex material...and it is very durable and have greaat elasticity

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Stapler Pin

this is copper coated stapler pins...these stapler pins are very soft in quality and very popular for packaging purpose

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Paper Pin

paper pins is in our main products....we are specialised in quality paper pins and the same in very competitive price...each and every piece is very pointed and well treated..

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Steel Paper Pins

steel is also called as is having T shape on top for easy pushing into papers or important very well treated and prepared in machines..